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What is Nipah Virus?Get to know all about this Nipah Virus Infection

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What is Nipah Virus?

Nipah Virus outbreak.

More than 10 people have died due to Nipah Virus outbreak.
What is Nipah Virus? How is it spread? Read this article you will know all about Nipah Virus Infection.

Nipah Virus

Nipah Virus outbreak.

The Nipah Virus is highly infectious virus. It was first identified in Malaysia in 1999. Nipah virus infection gets its name from the village ‘Kampung Sungai Nipah’where it was first identified. This virus found in domestic animals like pigs, dogs, goat. Recent cases also found that fruit bats are also affected by Nipah. Nipah virus also spread to humans who have contact with an infected animal. The main concern is it can also spread between people.

Outbreak in India

The Nipah virus outbreak claimed 1o lives in Kerala. A nurse who is treating infected patients also got succumbed to it. So far the Nipah Virus outbreak is limited to Kozhikode and Malappuram districts in Kerala.
Kerala government trying their best to restrict outbreak as much as possible.


What are the symptoms of Nipah?

The main symptoms include fever, headaches followed by drowsiness. Further symptoms show mental confusion, coma then potentially death. The symptoms can last up to 7-10 days.


currently, there is no effective vaccine available to cure Nipah infection.

The treatment includes supportive care. A patient is isolated and given antiviral medicines.


Always remember Prevention is better than cure so take precautions.
Avoid direct contact with sick animals.
wear the mask as well gloves.

Do not eat partly consumed fruits.
Avoid raw date palm.

If you feel uneasy immediately contact your doctor.


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