Solution to air Pollution-Air ink

solution to Air pollution

Solution to air Pollution-Air ink


Air Ink is the solution to tackling air pollution.

According to WHO air pollution means “the presence of materials in the air in such concentration which are harmful to man and his environment.”

The Principal sources of that pollutes air are Automobile Exhaust,Industrial Exhaust etc.

Due to incomplete combustion of fossil fuels vehicles generates soot.

Soot contains harmful toxic elements like Carbon dioxide. These are harmful to our health as well as the environment.

Anirudh Sharma, the founder of Gravity Labs, conceived the idea of Air Ink.

the team researched for almost 3 years for this technique.Then they launched their Airink product.


Air pollution-Kaaliink
image credit : gravity labs

Gravity labs introduced Kaalink device.

It’s a mechatronic system which consists of filters, sensors, and a capture unit.

Capture technique is a fusion of electrostatic filtration, depth filtration, wall flow filtration.
It uses patent-pending retrofit technology used to capture air pollution particulate.

later this particulate is used in air ink.
This system is under testing process.

Air Ink

Air ink solution to air pollution
image credit : gravity labs

‘Air-ink’ is produced by converting air pollution particulate to liquid ink.
A single Air Ink pen contains 30–50 minutes of air pollution.

The emissions from 2,500 hours of driving one standard diesel vehicle produce about 150 liters of ink.
street artists from the Hong Kong used airink to create murals.
AIR-INK is safe like other ink available in the market.
the company is planning to launch the products in the market on large scale soon.
For this research gravity labs has got many awards like ‘ Foreign Policy Top 100 Global Thinkers ‘, ‘Forbes 30 under 30′,’Cannes Lion Innovation Gold’ and many more.

so finally we can conclude that in near future we will get firm solution to tackle air pollution.We all have a responsibility to ensure that we use better practices to reduce pollution.



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