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Best Waterparks in Maharashtra to chill out this summer

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Best Water parks in Maharashtra

BestWater parks in Maharashtra

Ohhhh!!! It’s so hot uffff…

Sun is at its best to throw lots of heat nowadays. The heat is unbearable.

To kill the summer beast waterparks are undoubtedly best option.

here are the information of some of the best waterparks in maharashtra.

1.Adlabs Aquamagica

Adlabs Aquamagica is India’s first international standard water park.


Location:  Khopoli India

Major attraction:

1.Boomeranggo: Offers the unique sensations of dropping down as well as rising higher!

2.Splash: Experience ‘Splash’, a one-of-a-kind open body waterslide with multiple steep bumps and turns.

3.Wacky Wavess: The ultimate artificial wave pool,

They also have a theme park, snow park, gaming zone etc.They provide pick and drop facility from Pune Mumbai.

2.Water Kingdom

The Water Kingdom is renowned as Asia’s Largest Theme Water Park.

They have huge variety of water games.

Water park water kingdom
Src: water kingdom

Location: Gorai, Mumbai, India

Major attraction:

  1. A Coster-A-Coaster: (adult slide) offers one of the tallest vertical drops in the country. Riders endure a heart-pumping seven-story drop that reaches speeds up to 40 miles per hour.
  2. Bratzone:Groove yourself in this rain dance zone – Aquadrome.
  1. THE LAGOON: India’s Largest Aqua play pool


 3.Krazy Castle Aqua Park (Nagpur)

krazy castle aqua park is also nice and well maintained waterpark.

water park krazy castle
Src: krazy castle

Location: Near Ambazari Lake, Nagpur

Major Attraction:

1 water slides

2.wave pool

Along with waterpark fun you can visit ambazari lake just few distace away from park.


4.Wet N Joy Water Park (Lonavala)

wet N joy also a good water park. It has wide range of attractions.

Wet n joy water park
Src: Wet n joy water park

Location: Near Karla, Lonavala, India

Major Attraction:

1. Cyclone: Experience the Aqua cyclone with a mind-blowing twist.

2.Crazy River: After a thrilling and exhausting time we

3.Nightmare: Love to go above and beyond to have some fun?

4.Tornadoo: The rattling slide through various tunnels.

wet N joy park also offer home back home pick and drop delivery from pune and mumbai locations.


5.Dreamworld fun & water park

dream world water park
Src: Dreamworld

Location: Raman mala, kasaba bawada road, kolhapur

Major Attractions:

1. Tube Slide

2.body slide

3. extreem body slide

There is some more attraction like puppet show magic show bullock cart.Good quality food


6.H2O water park

H2o water park is another good choice to chill out .

H2o water park
Src: H2o water park

Location: Near Daulatabad Fort | 14 Km Stone, Aurangabad

Major Attraction:

1. 40 feet Drop Slides and Tube Rides.

  1. Cyclone Ride for those Grown ups with the Devil may care Attitude.

They have good quality food corner.


7.Sayajiraje water park


sayajiraje water park
Src: sayajiraje water park


Location: Anand Nagar Tal Malshiras, Dist.Solapur, Akluj

Major Attraction:

1. Water slides

2.Family Rides

3.wave pool

They have amusement park which includes attractions like Pendulum, roller coaster, Cruise Away etc. They also have children park as well as adventure park.


8.Gandharv Resort Top sambhapur

Src: ghandharv-water-park

Location:Toap-Sambhapur, Dist. Kolhapur,

Major Attraction:

1.Play Pool

2.Rain Dance

3.Water Fall

4.Water Rides

There is some more attraction like the puppet show magic show.


Enjoy this summer season by visiting this great beautiful water park nearby you.

Thank you.

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