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10 Secrets for Keeping Your Home Cool in Summer

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10 Secrets for Keeping Your Home Cool in Summer

10 Secrets for Keeping Your Home Cool in Summer

The summer is sultry and scorching.As temperature rises we feel uncomfortable.The summer heat is turning your house into an oven.Most people waste their money by using the air conditioner.
here are 10 secrets for keeping your home cool in summer.

1-Close the Windows

the basic first tip is close your windows and doors during day time.
you know too much heat is transferred through not only doors but also windows.
don’t forget to open windows in the evening or night. during summer cool winds flows into the night. this breeze can cool down your room temperature.

2-Ventilate room

The house should be opened for ventilation. cross ventilation is a good strategy. open opposite sides windows . as stated above
cool winds flowing in the night will flow through your room.


3-Light properly

incandescent lamps, tubes not only consume power but also radiate too much heat. so turn off light when not in use.
it is better to replace these lamps with LED lamps.


10 Secrets for Keeping Your Home Cool in Summer
sun rays directly strike on your windows. curtains play important role in preventing heat transfer.
use white colored preferably cotton curtains.

5- green shade net

10 Secrets for Keeping Your Home Cool in Summer
green colored shednet is trending nowadays.
it does not allow direct sunlight to enter below it.
you can place it on the terrace.

6- white paint

white color reflects sun lights. paint terrace rooftop with white color.various paint companies launched white paint with special insulating chemicals.
white color paint may not be efficient after raining.
you can reduce roof temperature by placing bundles of damp straw .damp straw acts as a natural insulator.

7-terrace garden

10 Secrets for Keeping Your Home Cool in Summer
if you love nature and found of gardening then terrace garden is the best choice.plant trees near to your house. Palms, banana,sunflower,lemongrass etc are heat tolerant plants.

8-spray bottle

10 Secrets for Keeping Your Home Cool in Summer
a simple spray bottle can cool a room as well as your body.
sprinkle some water in the room. add some refreshing scent of lemongrass, mint flavour in the spray bottle.
you can place this bottle in a refrigerator so that you will get a cold sprinkling.

9- use a fan with ice

An excellent and affordable method to keep a room cool is using a fan, large bowl, and ice. The air blowing around a large metal bowl of ice helps to cool.

If you have exhaust fans, then use them.

10- use wet cloths

wet your curtains with cold water.
if necessary wet your bedsheets.
this will reduce your room temperature.But at the same time humidity may increase in the room.

To beat the heat you have to cool your body personaly.
If you can keep your home naturally cool, then your air conditioner won’t have to work as mu

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